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Tech Under a Dollar

What’s up guys, welcome to cool tech under a dollar. Starting off is this foldable stand for smartphones and tablets. It comes in a variety of colors and just for 99 cents you can hold up your device. You can also adjust the width to accommodate smaller devices. It can hold tablets as well but it will depend on the size and weight as larger tablets like my ipad air 2 will easily tip over.

The next item is an LED light for PCs laptops or other devices that have a USB port since you will need one to power it up and as a steel like build which is extremely flexible and this is really effective for laptops that don’t come with backlit keyboards. This is my pitch black bedroom and the light is strong enough to see the keys but not overpowering..

This next item is pretty straightforward as a 3.5 millimeter splitter so if you want to watch a video on your laptop smartphone or tablet with someone else using two separate earbuds or headphones then this thing will definitely help. Just hook up one end to the device and connect your listening devices on the other end.

Next up we have a microphone with a clip. Now I did not think you can find something like this for under a dollar but if you are on an extremely low budget and only have a dollar in your pocket and this might be what you’re looking for. Here’s a quick demo on how it sounds, so now I’m talking directly into my iphone without any microphone connected to it and this is without editing as well.

I’m just kidding guys, I promise, so for 49 cents you can get a soft silicone TPU case for the galaxy s6 don’t expect too much protection. I mean it does get the job done, protecting your phone from scratches and small drops but that’s pretty much it. The buttons are really easy to press and the cutouts are precise enough that it won’t get in the way of any accessories you try to plug in it would also protect the protruding camera from being scratched since it’s thick enough to cover it. Oh yeah it’s a pretty cool case we’re just a dollar no complaints here.

The last product is really under a dollar but I do want to mention in this video because it is a cool tech and I get a bunch of guys asking me every time you see it in a video and yes it is my jackets or my best I should say so it’s best first made its appearance a few months back in my cool tech gifts episode and ever since then I’ve worn this and many of my videos and I absolutely love it it’s a vest from scottevest. For those of you that don’t know who they are they design multi-pocket clothing that give you easy access to all of your essentials. Not only does this best have 42 pockets which allows me to carry practically anything with me but it’s great for people that travel or go to events since you can carry most of your stuff on you other than functionality. These look pretty sweet and keep me warm as well.

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